Façade de l'aventure, nouveau bijou du groupe Beaumarly


Beaumarly’s latest creation, nestled in Paris’s iconic Arc de Triomphe district, will open its doors very soon.

Gilbert and Thierry Costes, founders of the Beaumarly group, wanted a unique and audacious location for L’Aventure. Alongside renowned interior designer Martin Brudnizki for the convivial spaces and bedrooms, decorating virtuoso Vincent Darré was given carte blanche to break with codes and add a touch of fantasy.

“Ah ! Quelle Aventure ! “

More than a hotel, restaurant or club, it’s an imaginary world and an exclusive universe that can be discovered on every floor, in a hushed, intimate atmosphere. Visitors will enjoy an unforgettable experience throughout the day and night, with a change of scenery but no change of address. A place for insiders, with a singular personality, a blend of luxury and creative audacity that promises an ultimate and exclusive experience.

L’Aventure, interpreted by architect Martin Brudnizki and Artistic Director Vincent Darré.

Renowned designer Martin Brudnizki, already behind the Jardins du Presbourg, La Plage Parisienne and Le Deauville restaurant, was invited to reinvent Haussmannian elegance.
Artistic Director Vincent Darré, for his part, wanted to create a veritable living theater, thanks to his boundless imagination and sense of humor.