Robert Stadler and Thierry Costes began working together on the Corso Trudaine: the designer imagined a surprising bar, coral colored and out of step with the classic bistro style of the place. Then Robert Stadler collaborated on several Corso addresses, starting with the furniture elements of the Franz Litz, which avoided the pitfall of an overdesigned place where the client would feel like an outsider. In his lamp designs for Corso, Robert Stadler questions the status of the lamp object as such. Then in 2011, he designed a chair with simplified manufacturing, and therefore with a more interesting manufacturing cost while Thierry Costes initially proposed to customize the Thonet chair N°14.

Collaborating as much with artists and contemporary art galleries as with luxury brands or consumer products, Robert Stadler erases any hierarchy between Duty Free projects – as he calls them – and industrial or public commissions. He questions the status of the object and explores the exhibition space in order to thwart the usual categories between art and design: Robert Stadler is a multidisciplinary artist.