Portrait Olivier Gagnere


In 1994, Gilbert Costes called on Olivier Gagnère to decorate the CAFÉ MARLY at the Louvre Museum. The designer designed all the furniture and lighting for the establishment with his own signature. Olivier Gagnère proposes a sumptuous atmosphere that echoes the Marly, its wooded and classified living rooms and the majestic arches that shelter the terrace.

A self-taught and eclectic artist, Olivier Gagnère is a glassmaker, ceramist, cabinetmaker, interior architect, decorator and designer. Born in Paris to an antique dealer in 1952, he developed a passion for the decorative arts and gradually his neoclassical style began to stand out. Nurtured by his many travels around the world, Gagnère’s style is culturally rich, eclectic and assertive. He combines modernity with ancestral techniques and his works are recognized for their balance and originality.