Portrait Jean Philippe Delhomme architecte design Castel club


An illustrator, author and blogger, Jean-Philippe Delhomme graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs and began working with the press at an early age. From English Vogue to Glamour Paris, the artist has been observing and sketching with phlegm and humor the fashion world and the trendy society of Paris and New York for thirty years. As a chronicler of contemporary culture, Jean-Philippe Delhomme uses gouaches and colored pencils to create dense and colorful images. His illustrations are not very detailed, but they are dense and set the scene: the artist tells of the atmosphere. For the Castel, Jean-Philippe Delhomme pays tribute to this mythical place in a fresco that evokes the Parisian night, its fantasies, its times and the pleasure of conversation. This fresco echoes the rather literary place that was the Castel with “people from very different backgrounds, artists and writers (…) but also people of the left, people of the right, sailors and financiers.”