Portrait India Madhavi architecte designer café français restaurant parisien


French architect, designer and scenographer, India Mahdavi imagines colorful projects with soft and playful forms, in France and abroad. Influenced by cinema, design and art, India Mahdavi creates polychrome universes exalting nomadic culture. India Mahdavi and Thierry Costes met in 2001 in New York and exchanged ideas on the Apt. (for “Apartment”) that India had imagined for the restaurateur Jonathan Morr. Eight years later, Thierry re-contacts the architect-designer to propose working together on the GERMAIN project, then on the PARADISIO. Several collaborations followed, with establishments such as the THOUMIEUX but also the CAFÉ FRANÇAISs: both speak of “simultaneous desires” and “obviousnesses in the development of the projects”.