15 Rue Princesse 75006 Paris
Metro L4 Saint Germain des-Prés
The club is open from 9pm to 4am
CLose every monday
+33 1 40 51 52 80
Parking Saint Germain des Prés
Valet every night (rue Princesse rue du Four)
A place of legend, which appeared like a mirage at the dawn of the sixties, Castel, named after its founder Jean Castel, quickly established itself as the place to be for parties, flamboyant in the Parisian night... Princess Street has found its prince, and nothing will ever be the same in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. In 2014, a merry band of mercenaries entrepreneurs finally woke the monster up, bringing up to date the place while entirely respecting the style that made ​​the success and charm of Castel. Castel reserves admissions exclusively to its Members.